Greetings. My name is Andrea and I am your average human. This blog is dedicated to the observations by an average human, me, on a biweekly basis. And yes, I’m sorry (or maybe you’ll be happy) I’m not going to write a post every day or every week. That would be an above-average human thing to do, and that’s not me. And yes I’m going to assume that it’s ok with everyone else on the planet that I represent all of the human race in my observations. Ok, now that we have all of that boring crap out of the way, I hope you enjoy my blog posts that may be sprinkled with the occasional typos, grammatically incorrect punctuation, and less-than-witty commentary. Before writing this I had to google whether or not “biweekly” contained a hyphen. It doesn’t. But what did you expect? You should have realized you walked right into that when you read the title of this blog.

Andrea Heckman Kowalski is an aspiring writer in the genre of science fiction and supernatural thrillers.  Being an amateur writer, Andrea created this blog with the intent to improve her writing, and with any luck, give the reader a chuckle while viewing the world through the perspective of an average person.  She also wants you to know that she’s not quitting her day job.